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Striped Summer Set

Striped Summer Set

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Product Description

Model: Set

Fabric: Cotton / Polyester

Suggestion: Girls / any occasion

Age: 0-18 Months

70 Top Length: 37 Bust: 46 Waist: 38 Pant Length: 20 Age: 0-3 Months 
80 Top Length: 39 Bust: 48 Waist: 40 Pant Length: 21 Age: 3-6 Months 
90 Top Length: 41 Bust: 50 Waist: 42 Pant Length: 22 Age: 6-12 Months 
100 Top Length: 43 Bust: 52 Waist: 44 Pant Length: 23 Age: 12-18 Months 

70 Top Length: 14.57 Bust: 18.11 Waist: 14.96 Pant Length: 7.87 Age: 0-3 Months 
80 Top Length: 15.35 Bust: 18.90 Waist: 15.75 Pant Length: 8.27 Age: 3-6 Months 
90 Top Length: 16.14 Bust: 19.69 Waist: 16.54 Pant Length: 8.66 Age: 6-12 Months 
100 Top Length: 16.93 Bust: 20.47 Waist: 17.32 Pant Length: 9.06 Age: 12-18 Months 

Understand the size chart also in Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/French/Croatian/Greek/ German


Tag Size: Tamaño de la etiqueta/ Lenght:  Largo  /   Chest: Pecho  /  Height:   Alto /  Size: Tamaño/ months: meses /   Years:años


Tag Size: etiqueta / Lenght: Lunghezza/Chest: Petto / Height: Altezza /Size: Taglia/ months: mesi/ Years:anos


Tag Size: Tamanho da etiqueta / Lenght: comprimento/ Chest: Peito  /Height: Altura / Size: tamanho/ months: meses/ Years: anos


Tag Size: Taille de l'étiquette/  Lenght:  Longueur  /  Chest:  Poitrine/  Height: Hauteur/  Size: Taille/ months:mois/ Years:passés


Tag Size: Veličina oznake/ Lenght:  Dužina     / Chest: Prsa   /  Height:  Visina/     Size: Veličina/ months: mjeseci / Years: anos


Tag Size:  Μέγεθος ετικέτας  /Lenght: Μήκος /  Chest: Στήθος  / Height:  Ύψος /    Size: Μέγεθος/ months: μήνες / Years: χρόνια


Tag Size: Tag-Größe / Lenght: Länge / Chest: Brust   /  Height:  Höhe /     Size: Größe/ months: monate/ Years: jahre





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